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Let’s Move Together

Updated: Nov 30, 2021


Summer bodies start in the winter! There will be lots of delicious food and drinks to enjoy this month! Instead of depriving yourself just try to decrease how much and how often you indulge.

One thing you can control is moving your body! Set a goal to get your heart rate up for 30+ minutes a day, 10K+ steps a day, 5-6 days a week. If that is too much start where you can and each day go a little bit more!

December is a crazy month but if you schedule an appointment for at least 30 minutes for yourself you will be so much more productive the rest of the day. You will sleep better and in the end be more rested! Share with me each day you check off your calendar!

I will post the calendar in stories and add it to my website so you can print it. I want you to put it where you will see it daily!

I will share my weight loss journey this year with y’all tomorrow.

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