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Icing Consistency

Sorry this isn't better quality. I just on a whim decided to record me in action while I was already making my icing for the set I was working on. I have had a lot of questions about icing consistency lately. It is also one of the hardest parts to master when learning how to decorate cookies.

Thick Icing Consistency

I use this to make florals, leaves and to scrape on stencils.

Piping/Detail Consistency

I like to thin my icing down with a water bottle so I have a little more control of how much water I add. I use this consistency to outline my cookies, and add details on top of my dry flooded cookies.

Flood Icing Consistency

I use this to fill in after I have outlined a section. If it doesn't settle right away on its own give the cookie a little jiggle.

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